Louise Reed

CEO and Founder, Afloat, Inc.

Louise W. Reed’s most recent innovation is Afloat, Inc., which can be accessed at stayafloat.io. Because the company utilizes blockchain technology and smart contracts to automate the exchange of state transferable taxable credits, the average CPA can help a larger client base now save on taxes. Afloat, Inc. was founded in 2018 and had its first real use case in the summer of 2021. The site is currently focusing on demonstrating a buyer’s and seller’s market for Virginia Port Volume Increase, Wisconsin Historic, Illinois Film and California Film tax credits on its platform. Reed received her master’s degree in physics from Duke University and Master of Accounting from University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. She became a licensed CPA in 2004 and started her own public accounting practice in 2006, where she now has a minimal number of corporate tax clients and bills in bitcoin per hour to mitigate the risk of inflation.  She accepts only bitcoin and Ethereum as payment to facilitate education in the industry for her clients.