• The Pro-Millionaire Democrat

    There is one presidential candidate who has always stood up for the little person. He has not bent to corporate interests, taken huge donations, and has always looked to improve the situation of every-day millionaires. That is why his tax plan will help millionaires—he is a solid pro-millionaire candidate. Who is this democratic candidate out to increase the disposable income of your everyday millionaire? Bernie Sanders.

January 06, 2020

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What role do taxes play in Retirement? Dr. Courtney Edwards adds her Perspective to this Discussion

January 17, 2020

Planning for retirement often comes down to analyzing how much money you need to live comfortably. Taxes are a hot topic in the discussion of retirement planning. Dr. Courtney Edwards expands this discussion on retirement to consider quality of life and less financially focused subjects. More

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2020 UNC Tax Symposium

Friday April 17, 2020

This event is invitation only. Bringing together accountants, economists and lawyers from academe, practice and government who share a common interest in tax research. More


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The minimum wage as a tax

February 18, 2020

Bernie Sanders is now leading in many polls to be the democratic nominee for President in 2020. Considering this fact, I pondered what I knew about Bernie’s tax plan. Some, but, not enough. So, I started searching. I searched for “Bernie Sanders tax plan” (yes, I omit apostrophes when I search on Google). The first link was the detail-less plan that highlights, as I have written about before, how if you are sick enough, Bernie Sanders favors redistribution that favors millionaires. The second link was a page entitled “Income Inequality Tax Plan - Bernie Sanders”. I clicked on the link, recalling Bernie has proposals for levying taxes on companies that pay their CEOs much more than their workers. But the image the Sanders campaign decided to pair with this article was the one to the left—of Sanders with a group that favored a $15 minimum wage in front of a McDonalds. What does this have to do with taxes? More