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    What is the Angel of Death Tax Loophole?

    Joe Biden has said he wants to get rid of the step up in basis at death for capital gains taxes. That sounds like kind of a boring thing to get rid of. He should spice up his campaign by calling this tax thing what it is sometimes also known as—the angel of death loophole. What is the angel of death loophole?
January 31, 2021

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Distinguished Contributions to Accounting Literature Award

July 30, 2020

UNC Tax Center Tax Director, Edward L. Maydew, and Academic Fellows, Scott D. Dyreng and Michelle Hanlon, to receive the American Accounting Association 2020 Distinguished Contributions to Accounting Literature Award. More

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Does Government Play Favorites? Evidence from Opportunity Zones

September 18, 2020

In 2017, Congress introduced the Opportunity Zone (``OZ'') designation to promote development in distressed communities. A criticized feature of the program is that state governors select zones from many eligible tracts without meaningful scrutiny. We find that while governors are more likely to select tracts with higher distress levels and tracts on an upward economic trajectory, favoritism seems to play an important role in governor decisions. OZ designation is more likely for tracts in counties that supported the governor in the election and when executives or firms with an economic interest in the tract donated to the governor's campaign. More