• The Pro-Millionaire Democrat

    There is one presidential candidate who has always stood up for the little person. He has not bent to corporate interests, taken huge donations, and has always looked to improve the situation of every-day millionaires. That is why his tax plan will help millionaires—he is a solid pro-millionaire candidate. Who is this democratic candidate out to increase the disposable income of your everyday millionaire? Bernie Sanders.

January 06, 2020

UNC Tax Center hosts 12th annual Doctoral Consortium


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Do Your Taxes Like Nobody’s Watching–Because Honestly, They Probably Aren’t

March 31, 2020

Professor Jeff Hoopes talks with Tax Maven podcast host and NYU Law Professor Steven Dean about the different incentives private and public companies have to tax plan. Counter to conventional wisdom, Hoopes research finds that public firms are doing more tax planning than private firms. More

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2020 UNC Tax Symposium

Friday April 17, 2020

Bringing together accountants, economists, and lawyers from academe, practice, and government who share a common interest in tax research. More


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The Guillotine Tax

February 29, 2020

For most of human history, when there were rich and powerful people that were broadly believed to be hurting society, murder was the solution, whether done by rival powerful people, revolutions of the common folks, or whoever felt in the mood for some good old fashioned bloodshed. These rich people would be shot, stabbed, poisoned, or, taken care of in the more sophisticated French manner, decapitated with the guillotine. More