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Read more about the 2019 Doctoral Consortium. Topics ranged from the relation between business tax subsidies and economic outcomes, to how tax benefits for married filers could affect the length of marriages.
Read more about the 2019 tax symposium. The event brings together accountants, economists, and lawyers from academe, practice, and government who share a common interest in tax research.
To what extent have the changes to business income tax affected tax planning decisions and the economy? This event, hosted by UNC Tax Center and the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center, will elaborate on the impact of tax reform.

Recent News & Media

Institute Insights: Taxing Book Income Will Distort Book Income

April 22, 2019

UNC Tax Center Research Scholar Jeff Hoopes shares his take on Sen. Elizabeth Warren's recently proposed tax on financial accounting income. More

Coming Up

2020 Tax Doctoral Consortium

Monday January 6, 2020

This event is invitation only. The seminar exposes students of all backgrounds to current tax research and is designed for students from doctoral programs without a PhD tax seminar. Students learn the fundamentals of tax research, and some might wind up adding tax to their set of research interests. More


Latest Research

Tax Reform Made Me Do It!

November 29, 2018

This paper examines corporations’ actions, and statements about actions, following the tax law change known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). Specifically, we examine four different outcomes — bonuses (or other actions that benefit workers), announcements of new investments, share repurchases, and dividend announcements. More