Write-Off: The Tax Blog

Welcome to our new blog, Write-Off: The Tax Blog

Monday July 29, 2019 • Jeff Hoopes, UNC

Welcome to our new blog, Write-Off: The Tax Blog, hosted by the UNC Tax Center. The purpose of this blog is to provide original, useful, compelling and timely tax information to the general public, especially those with an interest in tax policy.

There are other excellent tax policy blogs — so how is this one different? The content of this blog will be produced by tax scholars, many of whom understand taxation through the lens of an accountant. Academic accountants often have a different way of viewing tax policy, and we hope to provide that view on this blog. Accounting scholars have the economics-based research training needed to understand complex relationships using data, while simultaneously understanding the tax law. Many have worked at large accounting firms, therefore they understand the institutional background in which the tax system operates. We hope to bring that training and knowledge to bear in our posted tax-related thoughts, notes, news and notions.

Posts and comments are solely the opinion of the author and not that of the UNC Tax Center or any other person or entity.