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A Few Companies Could Bear Brunt of New Minimum Tax

September 26, 2022

Research by the UNC Tax Center shows just six publicly traded U.S. companies, including Amazon and Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc., would have paid half the estimated $32 billion in revenue generated by a 15% corporate minimum tax signed into law last month. More

Hoopes To Visit Oxford Centre for Business Taxation

June 28, 2022

Following in the tradition of many UNC tax scholars before him including Jennifer Blouin, Michelle Hanlon, Scott Dyreng and UNC Tax Center Founder Doug Shackelford, Jeff Hoopes will visit the Oxford Centre for Business Taxation (CBT) as an academic visitor for three weeks this summer. More

Ed Maydew Speaks About Tax Fundamentals for VC Investors in the BTEI Program

December 20, 2021

UNC Tax Center Senior Executive Director Ed Maydew recently spoke on tax fundamentals as part of the UNC Entrepreneurship Center's Black Technology Ecosystems Investors Certificate Program. More

UNC Tax Center Leadership Council Convenes

December 13, 2021

We welcomed 19 new and renewing tax industry leaders to the UNC Tax Center’s Leadership Council. This important group of alumni advisors and supporters convened in Chapel Hill for our first in person gathering since 2019. More

Ed Maydew Participates at the Ph.D. Project’s Annual Conference and Application

December 01, 2021

Ed Maydew, Senior Executive Director of the Tax Center spoke at the UNC Ph.D. Project Conference on November 18th. It is a three-day networking conference, connecting doctoral students, business school representatives, professors and sponsor organizations. More

Jeff Hoopes and MIT Sloan Colleague Michelle Hanlon Address Minimum Corporate Tax Proposal in Letter to Congress

November 08, 2021

UNC Tax Center Research Director Jeff Hoopes and MIT Sloan School of Management Accounting Professor Michelle Hanlon, along with more than 200 accounting and tax experts, penned a letter to Congress asking lawmakers to change a proposed minimum corporate tax that would be tied to a company’s book income reported to investors. The proposal, the experts wrote in the letter, risks politicizing accounting rules and complicating tax calculations. More

2019 Tax Center Survey Featured in New York Times DealBook Newsletter

October 28, 2021

A survey of 39 accounting academics conducted by UNC Tax Center Research Director Jeff Hoopes was featured in the Oct. 28 New York Times DealBook Newsletter. In the survey, Hoopes asked respondents if they would support Senator Elizabeth Warren's Real Corporate Profits Tax. More

The Big Price Tag to Build Back Better

October 14, 2021

The Biden administration has proposed several multi-trillion dollar initiatives to invest more federal dollars in infrastructure, education, healthcare and more. However, these big-ticket items come at a significant cost, which President Biden hopes to cover through tax reforms. As dizzying negotiations and politicking continue in Washington, Kenan Institute Senior Fellow Mary Moore Hamrick and UNC Tax Center Research Director Jeff Hoopes unpack the proposed tax changes and their potential impacts on businesses and households in this week’s Kenan Insight. More

Belnap and Hoopes Commentary on Corporate Tax Rates Featured in Forbes

October 01, 2021

Are you ready to read some good news? Did you know that some companies generously share their profits with the government out of the goodness of their corporate hearts? Andrew Belnap, a recent UNC Kenan-Flagler Ph.D. graduate, and Jeff Hoopes, research director of the UNC Tax Center, provided commentary on very high corporate tax rates in a recent Fortune feature. More

New UNC tax professor excited to come home

September 22, 2021

During the seven years John Gallemore taught at the University of Chicago, he worked with some Nobel Prize winners and guessed which colleagues were most likely to win the prize down the road. But his love for his home state prompted him to accept an offer to return to UNC Chapel Hill this fall as an associate professor of accounting. More