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Is the extent of profit shifting overstated?

March 31, 2021

UNC Tax Center Academic Fellows' research is discussed during recent Senate Finance Committee hearings. More

Professor Michelle Hanlon testifies for Senate Finance Committee

March 16, 2021

UNC Tax Center Academic Fellow Michelle Hanlon presents her views on corporate tax policy at a recent Senate Finance Committee hearing. More

Proposed Low-wage Tax Penalty Has Broad Set of Ramifications

March 08, 2021

Democrats are planning on taxing companies with too many low paid workers. This would drive large firms to outsource to keep costs low. Dr. Jeff Hoopes adds that it would take a long time to see the intended results from this new plan. More

Hoopes Adds Perspective to Cryptocurrency Investing

February 12, 2021

UNC Tax Center Research Director, Jeff Hoopes, was quoted in a recent Forbes article on the topic of cryptocurrency. He shares insight into minimizing tax burdens created by investing in the virtual currencies. More

Leadership Council member Presents on Innovating with Blockchain

January 07, 2021

Leadership Council member Louise Reed spoke at the FDIC’s Accounting and Auditing Conference on the Challenges of Innovating with Blockchain, drawing on her experience founding the blockchain-powered tax credit marketplace, Afloat. More

Distinguished Contributions to Accounting Literature Award

July 30, 2020

UNC Tax Center Tax Director, Edward L. Maydew, and Academic Fellows, Scott D. Dyreng and Michelle Hanlon, to receive the American Accounting Association 2020 Distinguished Contributions to Accounting Literature Award. More

Is President Trump likely to be indicted for tax fraud?

July 16, 2020

UNC Tax Center Research Director Jeff Hoopes weighs in on this question in a recent Newsweek article. More

COVID-19 Saps US Trade Threat On Digital Taxes: OECD Official

June 04, 2020

Pascal Saint-Amans, director of OECD's Center for Tax Policy and Administration, asserts that the U.S.'s potential retaliatory tariffs on countries that impose digital service taxes on American companies have lost some effectiveness due to COVID-19. With foreign trade diminished due to the pandemic, countries are exporting less goods. This means tariffs will be a less potent tool for the U.S. More

Associate Director Courtney Knoll discusses her perspective on retirement account conversion during down markets

April 15, 2020

Associate Director Courtney Knoll is quoted in a recent Fortune article discussing the advantages to converting to a Roth IRA during a down market. More

Everything you need to know about the new 401(k) no-penalty withdrawals in the CARES Act

April 09, 2020

UNC Tax Center Associate Director Courtney Knoll is quoted in a recent Fortune article discussing how the recently enacted CARES Act affects options for accessing money inside of retirement accounts. More