2019 UNC Tax Symposium – Papers

The Impact of Bank Financing on Municipalities’ Bond Issuance and the Real Economy

Ramona Dagostino, University of Rochester

Do Tax Hikes That Are Perceived as Unfair Spur Cheating in Interpersonal Exchange?

David G. Kenchington, Arizona State University (presenting)
Thomas D. Shohfi, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Jared D. Smith, North Carolina State University
Roger M. White, Arizona State University

Do Targeted Business Tax Subsidies Achieve Expected Benefits?

Lisa De Simone, Stanford University (presenting)
Rebecca Lester, Stanford University
Aneesh Raghunandan, London School of Economics

Political Connections and Government-Awarded Economic Incentives: State-level Eviden

Daniel Aobdia, Northwestern University
Allison Koester, Georgetown University (presenting)
Reining Petacchi, Georgetown University

On the (Somewhat Puzzling) Relation Between Human Organ Donations and Tax Avoidance by U.S. Public Corporations

David Guenther, University of Oregon

‘Will You Marry Me…in December?’ Tax-Induced Wedding Date Shifting and Mismatching in Long-Term Relationships

Kerstin Roeder, Augsburg University
Robert Ullmann, Augsburg University (presenting)